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FREE PATTERN - Crochet Hat with Marigold Style Flower

This pattern is avail;able to purchase for $2.50 (PDF version) HERE.

Cloche Hat with Marigold Flower

Crochet Pattern

Pattern, Illustration and Photos ©Jennifer O’Reilly 2011

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Worsted weight yarn in 3 colors (color A for hat, Color B for flower petals and color C for flower center)
Yarn Needle
Size G crochet hook

This pattern is worked in the round.  DO NOT turn at the end of each row.  Just keep swimming.


st - stitch
sl st – slip stitch
ch – Chain
sc – Single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
inc. – increase (place 2 stitches in the next stitch)

Gauge – 1” equals 4 sc, 2 rows sc equals ½”, gauge isn't terribly important, just use a cloth measuring tape to ensure the proper size.  You can add or remove stitches as needed.

Generic size chart (circumference):
Birth 14 inches
0-3 months - 15 inches
3-9 months - 16 inches
9-12 months - 17 inches
1 - 3 years - 18 inches
3 - 6 years - 19 inches
6 - 12yrs - 20 inches
Teen / Ladies small - 20 inches
Ladies medium - 21 inches
Ladies large - 22 inches

Finished Size (as written) is 20”.  You can increase or decrease size by going up or down in hook size.  For Infant size, remove rows 5 and 6, for toddler / young child size, remove row 6 only.


Row number will be indicated before the ).

Chain 2, or form a magic loop

1)     Sc 8 into second chain from hook
2)     *HDC in next sc, chain 1* repeat around (8 HDC and 8 ch)
3)    *2HDC in chain space, ch 2* repeat around (16HDC and 16 ch)
4)    *3 HDC in chain space, ch2* repeat around (24HDC and 16  ch)
5)    *3HDC into chain space, ch2, 3HDC in SAME chain space (you increase by 3HDC and 2 ch here),  ch2; 3hdc into next chain space, ch2; 3hdc into next chain  space, ch2* repeat 3xs (33HDC and 22 ch)
6)    Repeat row 5 (42 HDC and 28 ch)
7)    *3 HDC in chain space, ch2* repeat around (42HDC and 28 ch)
8)    Repeat row 7, 6 times
9)    Sc around
10) Repeat row 9

Fasten off and weave in ends

Marigold Flower

Petal Layer 1

Chain 2 or use magic loop

sl st into 2nd chain from hook (or magic loop), chain 10; HDC in 4th chain from hook and in next 2 chains (3 HDC total), sc in next 3 ch, sl st into last chain; sl st into original chain or magic loop

You have just finished one “petal”.  Repeat this process until you have formed 8 “petals”.  Fasten off.  Tighten loop by tugging on the cast on tail. Do not leave an opening.

Petal Layer 2

Repeat steps for petal layer 1, but make 12 “petals”.  Fasten off. Tighten the original loop by tugging on the cast on tail – leave a small opening (about the circumference of your finger) which allows the second petal layer to be slightly longer than the first.

Flower center

Feel free to use a button here if you choose.

Chain 2 or make a magic loop

1)    Sc 8 into 2nd chain from hook

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing. 

Stack the layers together (center, petal layer 1, petal layer 2) and sew together.  Position the flower onto the completed hat and sew together.

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